Links Directory Toplist V3

The toplist links directory on the web by votes!

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Links Directory Toplist V3

Browse the top list of sites on the web ranked by votes, hits in/out.


Script Install

The installation of this app is very easy.

If you follow the steps below you'll have your very own Links Directory Toplist up and running in a few minutes!

  1. Extract the .zip you downloaded from CodeCanyon to a new directory on you local computer
  2. Upload all the files in the upload directory to your server
  3. Follow the instructions "Customizing the Script" to login to the admin panel 

Installaltion done!

Open up your browser on your Computer and check out your new Website!



Step 1: Before overwriting all the files with version 3.0, make sure you backup ALL FILES and  /admin/database.sqlite.

Step 2: Change .htaccess file with your on line 39: ErrorDocument 403

Step 3: Upload/overwrite all the files on your server with the new version.

Step 4: Login to /admin with password:password! 

Step 5: Goto Import Data and select your database from Step 1 and click Import button. Users and links will be imported.

Step 6: Change your password!



If your language is missing, you can add your own language. It will use Google translate to pre-fill your language files the first time.


$all_languages = array(
"af" => "Afrikaans",
"sq" => "Albanian",
"ar" => "Arabic",
"hy" => "Armenian",
"az" => "Azeri",
"eu" => "Basque",
"be" => "Belarusian",
"bg" => "Bulgarian",
"ca" => "Catalan",
"zh" => "Chinese",
"cs" => "Czech",
"nl" => "Dutch",
"en" => "English",
"fr" => "French",
"de" => "German",
"hi" => "Hindi",
"ja" => "Japanese",
"ko" => "Korean",
"pt" => "Portuguese",
"ro" => "Romanian",
"ru" => "Russian",
"sl" => "Slovenian",
"es" => "Spanish",
"th" => "Thai",
"tr" => "Turkish",
"uk" => "Ukrainian",

STEP 2: Populate language file

Then go to your website and select the new language you added from the dropdown to create & populate the new language. 


Select must select a default language.

STEP 4: (Optional)

You can translate the language files that are generated in /lang folder


In the Admin panel you can edit the site settings, add/delete/edit links, categories and users, approve links.

When logged in for the first time please change your password! and some settings if you like.

Login to admin panel

Open up /admin and login with the username and password below.
How to delete/add links in the header menu?
You can find the navigation bar in header.php.

To make any changes to the layout you will need some knowledge about CSS and HTML.  

We use default Bootstrap HTML so it should be easy to edit.


v3.0 – October 10, 2017

v2.9 – March 29, 2016

v2.6 – March 29, 2016

v2.50 – March 15, 2016

v2.00 – September 30, 2015

v1.00 – June 27, 2015